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Last updated on Wednesday 23rd January, 2019

Mountain Experiences is able to offer you a range of Leader Training and Assessment courses approved by title:Mountain Training. We run Hill & Moorland Leader, Lowland Leader, Rock Climbing Instructor courses as well as the Climbing Wall Instructor Award. I have recently been approved to provide the Indoor Climbing Assistant Award scheme.

I can also provide the Hill Skills and Mountain Skills Courses which have been developed by Mountain Training - these are aimed at introducing beginners or those less confident about walking in the hills and mountains. Giving good quality experiences and a solid introduction to good skills that you can develop into being a competent and confident hill walker. Dates are to be arranged for the autumn in the near future:

Courses currently planned include:

Indoor Climbing Assistant -
Course 1) 26th & 28th February (two evenings)
Course 2) 26th & 27th March (two evenings)
Course 3) 28th April (one day course)

Climbing Wall Instructor -
16th/17th March - Training
27th April - Assessment course

Rock Climbing Instructor
17th/18th/19th May - 3 day Training Course.

Hill & Mountain Skills Courses
14th/15th April

Lowland Leader Assessment
29th/30th March 2019

Hill & Moorland Assessment Course
27th/28th/29th September 2019.

For anyone interested in starting their walking leader career, the Lowland Leader award is the latest award from Mountain Training and is aimed at the walking leader who is taking groups through farmland and forests - suitable for Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award trainers, Country Park Rangers, School Teachers etc

One thing to remember is that providers can only run courses when they have the minimum numbers as required by the Training Boards, so sometimes it's best to call and ask if there are any other people looking to make up a course, then I can provide a course on a date that is suitable to everyone.

If you are thinking about taking your assessment, have you thought about having a refresher day (CWI, RCI or HML) or perhaps a 2 day course (ML)? It could mean the difference between a pass and a defer - call 07888 841792 or email me to discuss ideas!

Additionally, we can offer you scrambling, rock climbing, and navigation courses from a single day to multi day courses aimed at develop your skills to become self-sufficient in enjoying days out in the hills.

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Don't forget that for assessment courses you need to have a valid First Aid Certificate - check the first aid courses page for details of courses!

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